Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News and what the hell I've been up to (part 1!)

Hi y'all!

As you no doubt have realised by now, I'm not one of these daily blogger types........Twitter has kinda taken over on that score...feel free to follow me there for latest news & updates.

Thanks to everyone who has left reviews for The White Sail and Otherwake, really touched by your thoughts on both those albums. I'm gonna make an exclusive track available as a little thankyou....will keep you posted.
You can see my reviews here on iTunes. Please feel free to add to them if you get chance.

The third album is coming along nicely - a few more tweaks and I'm there. I'm looking at an October release date, can't believe we're in July already, where does the time go? (no doubt down some trans-dimensional vortex along with the remote control, your keys etc...)
More details to come soon ...

On the production music side, I've recently finished some more music to picture with Ben Mitchell, which was great fun to make and as usual - all very last minute which always pumps the adrenaline! I continue to work with Ben on a lot of cool different projects... he's an awesome drummer and consummate pro - we've had great fun performing up at the O2 Arena, and on Terry Callier's Live With Me.

Finally, on the chance that you haven't come across them yet.... couple of cool sites I'd recommend checking out are and, both been around for a while but really seem to be taking off for musicians and listeners.

That's about it for now, hope everyone's having a great Summer!


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