Wednesday, April 1, 2009

News, Twitter & Replicants

Hey - another entry in my semi-sporadic posting.....well I've been up to lots, getting to grips with The Vienna Symphonic Library and Altiverb. This work is towards my ever divergent musical activity, notably my production music  - Chris Harvey Productions.....I may change the name of this at some point  to something more like 'Interslice' or 'Edgecom'....:) There will be some music up there in the next week or so, just finishing mixes for the next showreel. 

Also just had a superb March 21st up at Bladerunner Day at the BFI. Present were Mike Deeley, Rutger Hauer & Sir Ridley himself. Directors Final Cut, Mark Kermode's Documentary, lots of Q & A's. I also got to meet Paul Sammon, author of Future Noir. He's a really nice guy and it was very insightful to have a good chat with him.

There will be some new on the next album 'Colonization' soon - it's about 3/4 of the way there - should be looking to release in this next quarter. In the meantime, there are new tracks up on Myspace and there may well be some exclusive single releases too. While we're on music, there appears to be another artist called 'Chris Harvey' -he's got a single out on itunes, which Apple have lumped together with my stuff - I only mention this to appeal to fans of us both, so you know what your buying. His track is here.

Lastly - I just got on Twitter today, track me up : @chrisharveyUK