Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson just played Graviton (from forthcoming release 'Colonization') on his BBC 6 radio show Monday 24th Nov ...listen again here.

he also gave me a  very nice badge:

Monday, November 3, 2008

String Ducky

This is the award winning video for Discover Magazine about producing a 2 minute video to explain String Theory in 2 mins or less by Sandy Chase. Music is my track 'Jorg' from The White Sail.

May the 12th?...no way! Anyway here is the news....

Can it really be May 12th since I last posted...? omg - Guess I've been really busy...Here's the latest - Otherwake is doing well, just been pick of the week in emusician Xtra - they seemed to like it...

News also came to me that Sandy Chase (cool science dude from NY) won first prize in a competition held by US Discover Magazine, for a video entitled 'String Ducky' - which explains string theory in 2 minutes flat..music for the winning video was my track 'Jorg' from The White Sail.. To view the vid see above....

Also coming on stream is the production music myspace as I diversify somewhat and provide music with a decidedly epic hybrid feel - check it out here.....

I'm also in the process of finishing off some brand new tracks - not sure whether these will be an EP or album yet....will keep you posted.....

Wow what a lot of dot dot dots.........s'yall soon


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Otherwake out to buy now!

Crikey ! - what a few mad months...... the album is now up and out there ready to buy as a digital release initially - get it here
If you'd like to write a review for me, please leave me a comment below! 
I've been busy with some sessions recently and also just checking out some new analog beasts -  something from Ken Macbeth looks promising...hmmm filtery.......

Loadsa new music on the way!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Otherwake Final Artwork

Hiya - here at last is the final artwork for the second album - Otherwake. You can stream it in full here and available to buy at Magnatune very shortly. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me - you know who you are! See y'all soon with more news! C xx