Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Number 1 and a free track...

Hey folks - I'm happy to report that you've all helped to make Graviton number 1 in the Latest Brighton Chart this week!

In other news, there have been some exciting nibbles regarding the future of 'Colonization', will keep y'all posted. If you've still yet to grab a copy for yourself - check it out in full on Reverb Nation here, and of course iTunes here.

I'm gonna roll some goodies out to say thankyou soon....be sure to pop back to get the scoop on all those....
First of these is a free download here of my track 'Nemesis'. It's a fan exclusive, just for you guys who didn't manage to get it the first time round.

Also just a quick reminder - you can really help me out by doing any of the following (assuming you haven't already :)

1. Of course buy the album :)
2. Become a fan on Reverb Nation and the Facebook Page
3. Write a review on iTunes
4. Follow me on Twitter

Thanks again - that's all for now, by the way the picture is from an old, old reel of film I took years ago..one of these days I'm gonna learn how to take Autochromes....
See ya all soon!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Colonization is Out Today.....

Hey there - my third album 'Colonization' is released today......thanks everyone for your support - check it out here.

Stay tuned for some more goodies soon.........Cx

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Colonization Artwork

I'm pleased to bring you at long last some more details about my 3rd album 'Colonization', to be released on April 12th 2010.

First off - here's the front cover:

and the back:

Excellent design by Ben Curzon - you've probably already seen Ben's work around, as he's the talent behind the art & design of Muses' Haarp & The Resistance tour, ยต-ziq's Bilious Paths and lots of other very cool projects...

I'll keep you posted with more info as we get closer to the release.....in the meantime I've uploaded a new track 'Facility'  - listen to it in full in the music player on the right and please feel free to share the music player far and wide and join the mailing list below too if you haven't already...

Cool that's all for now..catch ya soon...Cx

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fan Exclusive!

Hey folks, your Fan Exclusive track is here! If you've written a review for me on the albums - or would like to - drop me a PM and I'll send you your freebie. Cheers - also stay tuned : 3rd album imminent! C x

Friday, November 13, 2009

News and what the hell I've been up to (part 2)

Hey - thanks for your patience!

Been busy installing/re-installing loads of software since my last hitherto trusty computer melted, probably cos I pushed it so hard to finish my third album - 'Colonization'....

I've just got the album master back today and it's sounding awesome - even if I do say myself :) 

Expect some trademark lush sonic loveliness - featuring among other things my homemade synths and noise makers, along with some otherworldly stuff of indeterminate origin......

Official release is a little while off yet - probably very early Spring 2010...I might put a few teasers up before then, so follow me here or on Twitter etc and you'll be the first to hear....

In the meantime, here's the confirmed track listing:

01 Mesoscale                    
02 Vita Astrum           
03 Graviton                          
04 Unda                             
05 Facility                  
06 Cyano                     
07 Drowned World
08 Aer                             
09 Nimbus                           
10 In Loco                           
11 We Live On The Soil
12 Mebranae                 
13 Diamagnetism                  
14 Insula III                   
15 Last & First           
16 Animat                   
17 Until The Sun Returns        
18 Obviam Lux           

I'm also very excited to have an excellent designer on board for the album cover concept. I won't name names right now, but suffice to say this guy has produced some awesome designs over the years you'll definitely be familiar with......   

and just as a last little note:

Fan: "Hey Chris - I love your music man, is there anything I can do to help?"

Me: Why as a matter of fact there is! 
Besides buying some albums :)......in this world of ever growing nodes, connections are everything, so if you're up for it why not swing along to Reverb Nation and join the mailing list...even better join the Street Team. This basically means you can get in at the front line in helping to spread the word and will also entitle you to some cool freebies to come... 
On that note I'm just finishing writing a free fan exclusive track for all those kind peeps that wrote a review of The White Sail and Otherwake on iTunes and elsewhere. Do the same and you can have it too!

Also for any noobs to my music - get over to Spotify, where for a limited time you can stream my first album for free!

That's all for now folks, more coming soon - once I've got the artwork locked down I'll put up a post with that too, get ready to drool......


PS - do I use too many dot dot dots..........?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News and what the hell I've been up to (part 1!)

Hi y'all!

As you no doubt have realised by now, I'm not one of these daily blogger types........Twitter has kinda taken over on that score...feel free to follow me there for latest news & updates.

Thanks to everyone who has left reviews for The White Sail and Otherwake, really touched by your thoughts on both those albums. I'm gonna make an exclusive track available as a little thankyou....will keep you posted.
You can see my reviews here on iTunes. Please feel free to add to them if you get chance.

The third album is coming along nicely - a few more tweaks and I'm there. I'm looking at an October release date, can't believe we're in July already, where does the time go? (no doubt down some trans-dimensional vortex along with the remote control, your keys etc...)
More details to come soon ...

On the production music side, I've recently finished some more music to picture with Ben Mitchell, which was great fun to make and as usual - all very last minute which always pumps the adrenaline! I continue to work with Ben on a lot of cool different projects... he's an awesome drummer and consummate pro - we've had great fun performing up at the O2 Arena, and on Terry Callier's Live With Me.

Finally, on the chance that you haven't come across them yet.... couple of cool sites I'd recommend checking out are Spotify.com and Reverbnation.com, both been around for a while but really seem to be taking off for musicians and listeners.

That's about it for now, hope everyone's having a great Summer!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

News, Twitter & Replicants

Hey - another entry in my semi-sporadic posting.....well I've been up to lots, getting to grips with The Vienna Symphonic Library and Altiverb. This work is towards my ever divergent musical activity, notably my production music  - Chris Harvey Productions.....I may change the name of this at some point  to something more like 'Interslice' or 'Edgecom'....:) There will be some music up there in the next week or so, just finishing mixes for the next showreel. 

Also just had a superb March 21st up at Bladerunner Day at the BFI. Present were Mike Deeley, Rutger Hauer & Sir Ridley himself. Directors Final Cut, Mark Kermode's Documentary, lots of Q & A's. I also got to meet Paul Sammon, author of Future Noir. He's a really nice guy and it was very insightful to have a good chat with him.

There will be some new on the next album 'Colonization' soon - it's about 3/4 of the way there - should be looking to release in this next quarter. In the meantime, there are new tracks up on Myspace and there may well be some exclusive single releases too. While we're on music, there appears to be another artist called 'Chris Harvey' -he's got a single out on itunes, which Apple have lumped together with my stuff - I only mention this to appeal to fans of us both, so you know what your buying. His track is here.

Lastly - I just got on Twitter today, track me up : @chrisharveyUK