Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Number 1 and a free track...

Hey folks - I'm happy to report that you've all helped to make Graviton number 1 in the Latest Brighton Chart this week!

In other news, there have been some exciting nibbles regarding the future of 'Colonization', will keep y'all posted. If you've still yet to grab a copy for yourself - check it out in full on Reverb Nation here, and of course iTunes here.

I'm gonna roll some goodies out to say thankyou soon....be sure to pop back to get the scoop on all those....
First of these is a free download here of my track 'Nemesis'. It's a fan exclusive, just for you guys who didn't manage to get it the first time round.

Also just a quick reminder - you can really help me out by doing any of the following (assuming you haven't already :)

1. Of course buy the album :)
2. Become a fan on Reverb Nation and the Facebook Page
3. Write a review on iTunes
4. Follow me on Twitter

Thanks again - that's all for now, by the way the picture is from an old, old reel of film I took years ago..one of these days I'm gonna learn how to take Autochromes....
See ya all soon!


1 comment:

Kit Fan said...

hi chris,

do you still make music? because iam a fan of yours from SIngapore and looking around for more of your stuff.... doing any tour now?