Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colonization progress...

Hey there - Happy New Year at last. Lots of great stuff happening this year - first off check out my new track 'Until the Sun Returns' on myspace here. It's from what is to be my 3rd album -  titled 'Colonization'.
Following the Tom Robinson in December, the music is getting more exposure and interest - also a big thankyou to all who've supported thus far via Magnatune. 

As the year starts, as usual, I'm still torn between self distribution, writing, promo/marketing etc or looking to another organization for this...if any of you out there can recommend labels et al, I'd be grateful.....there are a plethora of companies as you will no doubt be aware, so any suggestions are welcome - I'm burning to get back to some writing ( I got another new synth!), catch y'all soon....


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