Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's official - I like Skype

Yes that's right, I had my first Skype experience last night. Behind somewhat behind the curve on this one, I didn't know I could forego some USB phone type thing. Just a mic into my soundcard and away we go! Completely free to other Skype users - quality to die for.
I spoke with my old  friend Paul Inder in L.A. and no kidding - he sounds just like he's in the same room. Similar to phone conversation, but somehow different - being able to hear subtle vocal sounds makes the communication far richer & more intimate than you would imagine. Could be just that I love sounds too.....honestly, I don't work for them! But a great thing if you've got friends all over the world. Check out Paul's Stuff here. See y'all soon! C x 

Here's Skype

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